Brandon Pruett Design was selected for the 2019 Decorator Showcase’s central atrium. We created a contemporary take on the conservatory aesthetic, filling the space with a variety of plants including cascading ferns, rare orchids and soaring, airy alocasias. The plants sit on the top level of a three-story courtyard, accentuating a beautiful stained-glass skylight and arching downward toward a ground floor fountain filled with macho ferns and a fishtail palm.

The design has been critically lauded, appearing in publications like Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, SF Curbed and Wescover.

Photos by Mattia Pallozzi


The 14th Street vertical garden project is a colorful and playful addition the the streetscape of the Mission District, an area know for it murals and street art in San Francisco.  With no actual in-ground gardening space on the site the front facade of the building became alive with a 30' by 40' living wall.  The South facing direction of the wall was an opportunity to use a plant pallet that was full of color and flowers, bringing humming birds and butterflies back into the concrete jungle.   A unique feature of the design is the 4000 liter water collection tank buried under the garage that captures the roof's rain water runoff and uses it to water the plants.  This project was a collaboration between Brandon Pruett and Amanda Goldberg from Planted Design.

 This project received a Platinum International Plantscape Award by AmericanHort in their "Design" category.

Photos by jasonjackson


Design and installation of high-end interior plantscapes, featuring custom wood planters planters on casters and atrium gardens.




 We were asked to transform a barren rooftop into a relaxing garden oasis. Oftentimes, city life — with its excitement and convenience — forces us to trade away natural spaces. Here, we wanted to bring back some greenery, joining the trend of turning rooftops into usable green space. The plant palate consists of olives, agaves, grasses and succulents, making this un-utilized area into a lush habitat filled with beautiful, blooming plants.


This project was a collaboration with Terra Ferma Landscapes who built the greater landscape for this residence. We wanted to make a focal point at the end of the pool that would become an art piece within the landscape. The wall is in full sun, so we had the opportunity to use succulents, silver dichondra, and armeria in color block form.  When the oscularia and armeria bloom, certain rectangles will flash a showy pink while other stay a silver green year round. Here is the process and final product of this project.



Color blocking

Planting the wall

Felting with the FloraFelt Pro System

Final touches of frame

Viola! The finished product

Viola! The finished product


With a legacy farm family, we are developing a site along Highway 120 that will be a center for agricultural education, complete with touring gardens, a winery, a creamery, guest accommodations and an agricultural product store. The goal is to reconnect people with how food is grown and promote sustainable farm practices.

We want to change the concept of Central Valley mono crops, reinventing the farm using modern tools and age-old naturalistic processes to enrich the soil and support a wider variety of crops.

Brandon has been an artist in residence at this site over the past year and a half. While there, he’s developed several early prototypes for sustainable building, including hay bale construction and rammed earth.

IMG_6139 2.JPG

We do our best work in collaboration with Designers, Architects and Contractors who need help designing the technical aspects of vertical gardens or commission us to create an art piece with plants within their projects.



Krisitin Riccio, owner of Greene and Grey brought in Brandon during his time at Living Green Design to create this green wall for a SF office.

Cecilie Starin Design's 2015 SF Decorator's Showcase room 

Interior design by Kristin Riccio, Greene and Grey


Interior Design by Kristin Riccio, Greene and Grey

Interior design by Kristin Riccio, Greene and Grey


Artisanal holiday trimmings and decor using all fresh material for high-end residential and corporate spaces. These projects were created while working as Lead Designer at Living Green Design.



Created with Lindsey Graves of Living Green Design


Brandon was involved in the early stages of planning and building out the space of a large emporium called Public Market in Emeryville, CA.  As the lead project designer with Living Green, he designed and installed this 40 foot interior plant wall that significantly softens this large public space.  The benefits of having this giant living art piece in the space is much more than visual. The wall acts as an acoustic barrier that greatly absorbs sound and makes the interior space more inviting and hospitable to the hundreds of customers that use the space daily. The design uses plant material that can be successful indoors for long term, like ferns and tropicals that can tolerate low light conditions. This wall of 1200 plants is flourishing! 



Restaurant redesign project, using succulents and colorful plants to construct 7 custom vertical gardens that encircle the building.

batch and brine 1.jpg

This is a project Brandon has been working on piece by piece over 8 years. It’s a living laboratory, a study on a unique microclimate in SF: an east-facing slope with no irrigation. All the plants have to be self-sustaining, able to survive off the fog. To achieve this, Brandon used a variety of plants accented with grevillea and ceanothus.