We do our best work in collaboration with designers, architects and contractors who need help designing the technical aspects of vertical gardens or commission us to create an art piece with plants within their projects. 

Decorator Showcase 2019, Presidio Heights, San Francisco

Brandon Pruett Design was selected for the 2019 Decorator Showcase’s central atrium. We created a contemporary take on the conservatory aesthetic, filling the space with a variety of plants including cascading ferns, rare orchids and soaring, airy alocasias. The plants sit on the top level of a three-story courtyard, accentuating a beautiful stained-glass skylight and arching downward toward a ground floor fountain filled with macho ferns and a fishtail palm.

The design has been critically lauded, appearing in publications like Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal, SF Curbed and Wescover. Photos by Mattia Pallozzi


Public Market, Emeryville CA

Brandon was involved in the early stages of planning and building out the space of a large emporium called Public Market in Emeryville, CA.  As the lead project designer with Living Green, he designed and installed this 40 foot interior plant wall that significantly softens this large public space.  The benefits of having this giant living art piece in the space is much more than visual. The wall acts as an acoustic barrier that greatly absorbs sound and makes the interior space more inviting and hospitable to the hundreds of customers that use the space daily. The design uses plant material that can be successful indoors for long term, like ferns and tropicals that can tolerate low light conditions. This wall of 1200 plants is flourishing! 


Alves Cafe, Cupertino, CA

Design and installation of high-end interior plantscapes, featuring custom wood planters on casters.


Corporate Tech Office, Cupertino, CA

This project involved constructing large interior atrium gardens filled with ferns, palms and alocasia.


Grand Foyer, Presidio Heights, San Francisco

We used subtropical interior plants to create a striking plantscape for the foyer one of San Francisco’s historical homes.


Corporate Tech Office, Cupertino, CA

Working with Planted Design, we project managed and installed eight vertical garden walls, up to 50 feet in length, a football field length of panels. We used Planted Design’s preserved moss material to create a soft, naturalistic and low-profile garden spanning multiple stories.


Micro Landscapes

We don’t discriminate on size. We often take on custom, smaller projects to provide garden details throughout smaller spaces.